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Aerial work platforms

Manitou factory is situated in Western part of France in city called Ancenis. Manitou manufactures forklift loaders, telescopic loaders and access platforms of improved traction. The company is the sector leader on the European market. Manitou products are very popular in sectors like construction, agriculture and industry. 

Manitou aerial work platforms are well suitable for work inside premises, on flat surfaces, but platforms of improved traction are suitable for work in uneven surface conditions. Manitou offers the following platform types:
  • Scissor type electric and diesel engine access platforms. Working height from 6 to 14 metres.
  • Telescopic electric access platforms. Working height up to 10 metres, working lateral distance of up to 3 metres.
  • Arm type access platforms. Towable as vehicle trailer with lift height 12 metres, side reach of 5 metres. With electric drive working height of up to 15 metres, side reach of up to 9 metres.
  • Improved traction diesel access platforms. All four wheel drive and steering. Working height of up to 17 metres, side reach of up to 11 metres